Jill Douglas

I would like to commend Mike (his wife) and Ceramic Reconstructions to you. He helped us from an operators’ point of view – getting started and that leap out into the new and also from a practice owner’s point of view looking at the finances, nevermind the time saving. We are all really enjoying using our machine – our patients are too! Thank you again.

Michael Spong BChD

We purchased a reconditioned CEREC® 3 acquisition unit and MCL milling unit from Mike Bosworth of Ceramic Reconstructions in April 2013. The unit was in as-new condition and has been a great investment in the six months we have owned it.

CEREC® has opened up a wide range of restorative options for patients where previously we would have struggled to achieve acceptable function or aesthetics, or would have needed to resort to more destructive options. Patients are quick to see the multiple benefits of CEREC® and from a business point of view keeping revenue generated within the practice has justified the initial outlay.

With over 100 restorations placed in the first six months we have been delighted with the results and are glad to have invested in something that benefits patients, clinicians and the practice as a whole.

Michael Spong BChD, Principal Dentist, Coppice View Dental Care, Harrogate.

Colin Clamp

I fell out of love with my CEREC system as I found the whole process unpredictable and time consuming. Obtaining the image was problematic, the proposals needed a lot of work.

I found that I was ending up taking impressions anyway and sending them to the lab, after wasting a lot of time for the patient and me. I could not assure the patient that the restoration would be ready in one appointment, so I cut out the CEREC process and returned to the more traditional methods, even though I had had additional training.

I contacted Sirona who suggested I upgrade to an Omnicam but as this was for a considerable fee I felt that for me this was sending bad money after worse, and I was not prepared to do this.

I contacted Mike Bosworth with a view to seeing if he would buy the System. However instead, he upgraded the software and gave an excellent days training for all the staff which was pragmatic and packed full of useful tips on all aspects of the CEREC process.

As a result I have managed to reduce the time taken to fit a CEREC restoration and the whole process is now predictable and reliable. I am fitting many units a week and finally it is beginning to pay for itself.

His support is excellent and backed up with an extremely useful website. He is also happy to deal with any queries that we may have on the phone (even if he is on holiday) and the sundries he supplies. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike to anyone who is having similar problems to the ones I used to have.

Colin Clamp Manningtree Dental Practice.

Dr Andrew Browne

CAD-CAM dentistry has evolved over many years. As a postgraduate student in 1997 I used an early example- the CELAY® machine to copy tooth preparations and wax patterns of restorations as part of a dissertation for a Masters degree. A couple of years later I was very impressed with a demonstration of CEREC® technology and the benefits it would offer patients and dentists, however as an associate at that time the cost and logistics were impractical.

A couple of years ago I ran into Mike Bosworth again at the Dentistry Show. He offered me a viable solution to introducing CEREC® into my practice: a package including a refurbished CEREC® machine, a starter package of materials, in house training for practice staff and access to his CEREC® Masters training website for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. We have now had CEREC® in the practice for 2 years.

Patients have been enthusiastic about getting the whole job done in one visit and are very happy with the appearance even without using a furnace for staining and glazing etc. The dentists here enjoy producing restorations with excellent fit, often with more conservative preparations than would otherwise be required for a conventional restoration. Mike is always readily available on the phone or via email for support and replenishing materials.

Dr Andrew Browne, Evesham Place Dental Practice, Stratford on Avon.

Author Picture
Dr Melanie Moody BDS

The dentists and staff of the Beaufort Dental Clinic with their CEREC®

To any dentist considering investing in a reconditioned CEREC® Machine….. Just do it!!!!!Patients love the results.

There is an initial steep learning curve but Mike at Ceramic REConstructions Ltd was always available to talk us through any issues that arose after our initial training. The customer care has been great.

We worried about the financial implications of such an investment, but we shouldn’t have. Within 6 months we had recouped the cost and our lab bills have substantially reduced.

It is satisfying knowing that as a dentist you are preserving as much tooth tissue as possible and that the long term results are excellent.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Mike and his Company.

Dr Melanie Moody BDS (Edin.) Beaufort Dental Health Centre, Burton on Trent.

Baleseng Modubu

I have needed a huge amount of support to get to use my CEREC® properly. Mike has been tremendous I getting me to grips with this exciting technology. One to one teaching is just the tops. I have gained a lot of confidence especially with anteriors as I was reluctant to use the machine for the treatment.

Thanks to Mike I am ready to roll.

Baleseng Modubu Bangor Gwynedd

Dr Anna Sieinska DDS

Fantastic, Outstanding and 1st class! An abundance of information presented in a comprehensive manner, together with hands on experience. A pleasure and lots of fun. Looking forward to part two already.

Dr Anna Sieinska DDS.

Dr Wasim Fazel

Dear Mike,

Thank you for the Bluespray which I duly received this morning and have completed 2 CEREC® restorations with it, and it’s fantastic!!! Further, thank you for your training which we very much enjoyed.

Dr Wasim Fazel Dentaliving Ilford Essex.

Dr Wasim Fazel

I was looking for an easy and quick way to provide a polished finish for my patients without needing to use a furnace. I came across Diashine through Ceramic Reconstructions website and it was relatively inexpensive, I thought I would give it a try. The results are unbelievable. My restorations look perfectly glazed, polished and my patients have been very impressed. I would certainly recommend any CEREC® using dentist to consider Diashine. The best part is that it’s not too expensive and there is enough material to polish many restorations.

Dr Wasim Fazel Dentaliving Ilford Essex.

Dr Clare Chavasse BDS

Mike came down to my practice and gave a very clear presentation to help 3 of my associates with the first stages of learning how to use CEREC®. He then spent the afternoon with me and we practiced making 6 veneers for a patient of mine, using her models and a wax up of how we wanted her teeth to be. It was a very useful session, recapping techniques I had been taught but had forgotten because I had never used them; and lots of new tips to make things easier and more efficient. Mike gave me the confidence to attempt the veneers on my patient the following week. It did take all day but she was delighted with the result.

Dr Clare Chavasse BDS. Titchfield Dental Health Southampton.

Andrew Scott

We had bought a CEREC machine and hadn’t been using it much for a couple of years. We asked Mike to come along to give us a 2 day training course, and now productivity with the CEREC machine has increased markedly and everyone is more confident in using it. Mike’s course was well structured but he was happy to deviate to answer individual queries. It is reassuring that he is available to help with any future problems and has a very good website.

Andrew Scott

Principal Dentist

Neil Larah

Mike Bosworth was in at the birth of my CEREC® journey! In my haste to get cracking, I had booked two patients in for CEREC® restorations on the same day as my acquisition and induction session with Mike. Suffice to say that I designed, made and fitted two units that afternoon after only 2 hours training.

That says it all about this guy! He’s good- very, very good!

Neil Larah, Prestwich, Manchester

Dr Paula Brennan BDS New Malden Surrey.

You were so helpful to me in the early days and were always available and usually solved my problems! CEREC® in the beginning was indeed a huge learning curve - I must have asked the silliest questions at times, but I found it so frustrating when I didn't know what I was doing!! Now I love it - would you believe it?

I needed someone like you to hold my hand in the early days. One of my associates refused to use the machine after having problems as he didn't know how to use it and basically was scared off and then ended up slating the system.

I think one could definitely benefit from ongoing mentoring/training - call it what you like. I feel at a bit of a stalemate with it at the moment actually and I could use your services to get me up to the next level.

I also have a new associate starting Monday who has never used CEREC® and he has just finished VT and is into cosmetic work, so I would like you to train him in CEREC®

Dr Paula Brennan BDS New Malden Surrey.

Tony Appleton BDS

The learning curve for CEREC® is very steep indeed. I was fortunate that Mike Bosworth lived nearby and could call in when I had problems. CEREC® training courses are mostly held in classroom type environments with large sections taken up with PowerPoint presentations. There are some hands on opportunities and one can see a patient being treated sometimes. When Mike explained that ALL his courses would be surgery based I agreed this was the only way to improve on what is currently available. From my own experience there is no substitute for sitting side by side with someone who knows CEREC® backwards. No travelling, no hotels and minimum loss of surgery time.

Tony Appleton BDS


Duncan Ralston B.D.S

Mike Bosworth will give you, non confrontational, patient, exceptionally user friendly “CEREC®” training: - he just knows the system backwards!! I have no hesitation recommending him to you - 110%!!

Duncan Ralston B.D.S
The Dental and Cosmetic Clinic Leicester


Ian J Smith BDS

Mike Bosworth has provided myself and members of my team with excellent hands on training for CEREC® restorations. He provided basic training initially and then returned some months later for a day of more intensive tuition and problem solving. His approach is logical, very well presented, and backed by a wealth of experience.

Critically Mike was very helpful in answering queries by phone when patients were in the chair!

I will call on him for further advanced training and advice in the future.

Ian J Smith BDS

Parkfield Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Centre Didsbury Manchester

Author Picture
Ian Hazlem

The reason I did not use the current advanced training on offer, was the 3 days out of the practice, and the high cost. Also the fact that probably 10 or more people of various skill levels would also be there. (One always tends to hog the question and answers) The actual content was also not specific enough for my needs to justify the expense and time.

What you are proposing is far more relevant and specifically aimed at the associate, the newbie, and the advanced level user. I have just upgraded to the new AC Bluecam and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can get into the new software. I will definitely be interested in attending your 3 advanced courses!

Typically “you buy the CEREC®, read the manual and still feel like you need to know how it actually works” We now have access to UK based training either at our own premises, or advanced one day sessions at a trainers practice. Aimed exactly at the level you require to get going, and make the best use of your CEREC®. How about the trainer dialling into your CEREC® and sorting out a problem case for you – what a service!”

“Find out what your CEREC® can really do! Training that finally gives you the confidence to tackle those difficult cases”

Ian Hazlem, Cheltenham - www.ardenhouse.co.uk

Henry Hoy

You are a brilliant trainer. Your ability to communicate concepts simply and your patience with me have always been greatly appreciated. Looking forward to working with you again.

Best wishes Henry Hoy, Chinnor Oxfordshire

Dr David Lebens BDS

Mike Bosworth was my first point of contact with the CEREC® technology when he demonstrated it at the 'Innovations' meeting in London in 2004. His enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment encouraged me to attend a course in Leicester a few months later. I bought my outfit in June 2005 and found his freely given help in those days invaluable. He has a truly friendly demeanour and is always encouraging in his manner of teaching. This combined with a complete understanding of his subject made those early days much easier than they would otherwise have been. I have gone on to fit over 4000 CEREC® restorations including many anterior 'makeover' cases. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to avail themselves of Mike’s help in training with CEREC®.

Dr David Lebens BDS, Coalville Leicestershire.

Erik Lijesen

I found Mike Bosworth’s help and advice valuable and unmissable. His In-depth understanding of CEREC® meant a direct and helpful answer was always forthcoming Just when I needed it.

Erik Lijesen, Welling Corner Dental practice, Welling, Kent

Morris Weinstein

I have recently purchased a CEREC® system. My hesitation before going ahead was the learning curve and my ability to embrace the techniques and enjoy using them. I was assured by Mike Bosworth that he would assist my learning process and be readily available when I have queries and require help.

The experience I have enjoyed has been as promised and more. Mike not only has an in depth knowledge of the technique and the software but he obviously has a wealth of experience in using the system. Mike is an excellent teacher – with the ability to explain clearly and logically so that the message is clear, easy to understand and hard to forget. He is also extremely patient and empathetic and has a way of communicating that makes me comfortable to ask for assistance as I feel the need.

The system is remarkable and the process is intuitive when well explained. I highly recommend Mike as a brilliant trainer, coach and mentor!

Morris Weinstein Preventive Dental Southfields London.