Mike Bosworth

Mike has been associated with the dental profession for the last 44 years, starting as an apprentice Dental Technician in 1964.

A few years after qualifying, Mike decided to go into dental equipment sales and is proud to have designed and equipped hundreds of surgeries and practices. For many years he specialised in Mobile Dental Clinics and was especially pleased to be selected by the Ministry of Defence to design and build motorised dental clinics for the Falkland Islands.

Mike saw a CEREC® 1 machine back in 1992. Immediately, the technician in him realised that, although in its infancy, CADCAM would one day become the industry standard. To be fair Mike was initially a fierce critic of the system for although in the right hands the machine could produce well fitting restorations, most were less so due to lack of training and a very steep learning curve. Correct occlusion was some way off and aesthetics was well in the future.

CEREC® II was launched in 1994 and from that moment on, Mike was hooked. The machine was clearly far in advance of CEREC® 1 and again in the right hands could produce first class restorations. Working closely with Liverpool University under the tutelage of Dr Nicholas Jedynakiewicz, Mike single-handedly managed to supply and install over 40 CEREC® 2 machines, complete with training. Many of these dentists, who Mike calls pioneers, have gone on to become acknowledged experts in the CEREC® world. Over the next six years the system became more sophisticated with the introduction of posterior crown programmes, and finally anterior crowns in 1998. CEREC® 3 was introduced in 2000 and although still using the same software as CEREC®2, the milling system was far more sophisticated. The learning curve was still steep and it was a great relief to all concerned when CEREC® 3D came out in 2001. Mike was now working closely with Dr Klaus Wiedhahn at Sheffield Dental School. Dr Wiedhahn was shortly to become President of the International Society of Computerised Dentistry (I.S.C.D). Mike went on to receive certification from the Deutsche Gesellscaft fur Computergestutzte Zahnheikunde e.V. (D.G.C.Z). Now dentists could see the restoration they were constructing in three dimensions. Mike finally admitted that the system was better than working indirectly with a lab. Costs came down because of less surgery time and lower lab bills. Mike went on to train over 700 dentists in using CEREC®. Indeed most of the dentists currently using CEREC® in the UK will have been trained by Mike initially and will have used him as their mentor.

There has long been a need for dentists to have specialist training in order to use a CEREC® properly. Until now there have been no dedicated Cerec trainers. All have been either busy dentists working for a CEREC® dealer or the sales people who originally sold the system. Most dentists will admit they were largely left to ‘get on with it’ Ceramic Reconstructions has only one objective, and that is to help dentists get up to speed quickly. This web site lists the most comprehensive selection of courses ever assembled for CEREC® dentists in the UK. These include characterization courses in partnership with Panadent the UK distributor for Vitabloc MK11, materials and Ivoclar the suppliers of IPS Empress and e-max CAD. A Cerec® machine soon establishes itself as a vital part of a busy practice. Correct servicing and maintenance has to be a major consideration. To that end Sirotech, a specialist Cerec service centre are our preferred partner.

Mike believes that having access to a dedicated training company, CEREC® will become more widely accepted by dentists who have been put off by a perception that CEREC® is difficult to learn and consequently an expensive potential ‘white elephant’. Mike is in a unique position as he knows personally most of the dentists currently using CEREC®. Who better to ‘fly the flag’ and help get CEREC® up to the next level.

Contact : mike.bosworth@ceramicreconstructions.co.uk

Tel : 07584 036222